Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY Coasters

Looking for a simple and home-made gift idea? Try out these DIY coasters I made! I'm linking up with Chandra from A Stylish Little Lady today!

These are fast, easy, inexpensive, AND adorable.

What You'll Need:

Scrapbook Paper / Photos / Newspaper 
{This depends on the look you're going for - I used sparkly scrapbook paper from Michaels.}

Mod Podge
{Glossy or matte; I used glossy.}

Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer
{Glossy or matte; I used glossy.}

{To apply Mod Podge.}

{I used $0.11 white tiles from Menards.}

{For bottoms of tile.}

Gorilla Glue
{Or any type of strong crafting glue.}



Cut your paper into squares. You can choose to have the paper fit the tile completely, or leave space around the edges so that the white tile "frames" your paper.

Apply Mod Podge glue to the surface of the white tile. 

Place paper on newly-glued tile.
{Note - You have a few moments to move the paper around on the tile, but it dries quickly, so move fast!}

Apply Mod Podge on top of paper. 
Let dry for approximately 15 minutes.
{Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the look - I applied three top layers of Mod Podge.}

 Apply the waterproof acrylic sealer. 
Follow directions on the can. 
{Make sure you are in a well ventilated area!}

Once the sealant is fully dry, cut square pieces of felt to match the size of the coaster.
Glue to bottoms of each tile coaster.

If giving as a gift, I chose to wrap a set of three with paper raffia - A type of ribbon.

I think they make perfect little gifts!
Below are the presents I sent to my friends Mendi & Jayme for the blogger gift exchange:
{Note the nice touch the homemade coasters give! If I do say so myself... wink,wink.}

{Photo cred - Her Late Night Cravings}

I've decided to do a really, really AWESOME giveaway once I reach 150 followers! Please spread the word!!
Only 47 more to go! :)


Megan O'Dell said...

I love these and what a great gift idea!

Chandra said...

I love those and this is my kind of diy...simple and cute! These would be great to include in a gift basket with a tasty beverage. Feel free to link this one up with me if you like,

Michelle P said...

I need to make these!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Wow - really excited to try this. It's something I can do with my daughter - she'll love it!

Miss Honey and Nutmeg said...

Gosh I love those coasters so much! I am ur newest follower!

Kassi at Truly Lovely said...

Your gift receivers were a couple of lucky ladies for sure!!! LOVE tile coasters! The zebra glitter paper ROCKS! :) Thanks for your visit to Truly Lovely by the way! I'm following back! *wink*

emily said...

I am so excited you showed me this! I was lucky enough to get a preview of this post a week ago and my Mike Tyson coasters look AMAZING! Yes, Mike Tyson coasters. Thanks for always sharing your great DIY!

theolivetree said...

super cute idea!!

Jamie said...

Those are so cute and creative!

Amy said...

Eekk, I loveloveLOVE this idea to do homemade coasters! You did such a great job! If I ever get around to making these babies myself, expect a full dedication to you for the inspiration. They are really so great! Not overwhelming to not be used or displayed in the home, but still has a personal touch for anyone!

New follower (wondering what that giveaway will be =P)!

OH & Hello, fellow Choose to be Happy sponsor! It's very nice to meet you! =)

Nicole said...

Hey I came across your blog at Choose to be Happy!!! I am one of your new followers!!

Lexi said...

Love the pink zebra glitter coasters! Great DIY!
♡ Lexi
FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

melanie said...

oh, wow, that's suchhhh a good idea!

Bon Bon said...

My aunt made us coasters for a Christmas present this year! Such a great idea:-) I love them! xoxo

Jayme and Mendi said...

Speaking from experience with the aforementioned coasters, we are LOVING them & are quite impressed with your DIY skills! Thank you again (SO MUCH) for our wonderful boxes of goodies!

Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Meg {henninglove} said...

homemade coasters are really really easy and you can personalize them any way you like that is what i love about them. especially those sparkle ones

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Love the DIY coasters! Super-cute!

Alex ~

Along Abbey Road said...

These are awesome! I totally need to do this!

Your blog is so cute! I joined the gift link up and exchange too. Maybe we'll be buds!

Along Abbey Road
Sprightly So

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

OK those are seriously cute. But I SUCK at crafts, so I'll just admire yours! :D

MSOTO said...

I was looking to do something for PRIDE and liked your idea. They came out nice. Thanks for sharing.